timing belt replacement

Timing Belt Replacement

Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly

Having problems with your timing belt? Let us help. Your timing belt is essential to keeping your engine running the way it’s designed. If it breaks, your engine will stop and so will you. We’ve been doing timing belt services as long as we’ve been in business, meaning you’ll get quality work and shorter turnaround times.

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Timing Belt Service – Maintain Engine Efficiency

What does the timing belt do?
The timing belt keeps the engine in time. In order for an engine to run efficiently the valves must open at the correct time to let air and fuel in and let the exhaust gases out. 

The timing belt connects the crankshaft (which is what moves the pistons) to the camshaft (which moves the valves). On many vehicles the timing belt also drives the water pump. The water pump maintains your engine’s temperature by pumping coolant.

When Should I Replace my Timing Belt?

The most common reason to replace the timing belt is simply when it is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer, but there are other times the timing belt requires servicing. The most common situation we see is a timing belt covered with oil. Oil will deteriorate the rubber and put the belt in danger of breaking. It can also cause the belt to slip, which will make the car run funny and usually turn the check engine light on. Our certified technicians assess each check engine light carefully and identify which services are needed to remedy the problem.

We recommend replacing the timing belt at certain mileage intervals. The primary reason for this is that the timing belt doesn’t always visually appear worn — even if it is! If the timing belt breaks the engine will stop running. On many vehicles the timing belt breaking will also cause the valves to contact the pistons, damaging the valves. The valves are essentially inside of the engine and are costly parts to replace. We wan to save you this added cost.

How Does Alexander’s Service Timing Belts?

When we replace a timing belt we recommend a timing belt service. This service includes replacing the timing belt, the timing belt idler (holds the belt in the right places), the timing belt tensioner (keeps the belt tight), the water pump as applicable, and inspecting the front engine seals (the camshaft and crankshaft seals are behind the timing belt). If any of these components fail we will often recommend a complete timing belt service. Because it’s labor-intensive to access these parts, completing all of these jobs at once is the most cost-effective route. 

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Get Your Timing Belt Serviced by ASE-Certified Technicians

We’ve been performing timing belt services as long as we’ve been in business. While many shops may boast the same, they probably can’t say they’ve done such a wide variety. We have a large collection of specialty tools in house to complete timing belt services. This means shorter turnaround times and higher quality service for your vehicle because we use the same tools the manufacturer would.

Most timing belt services are recommended shortly after 100,000 miles. If your vehicle has reached that mileage and you have questions about your timing belt, give us a call!